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  • Bass Egg Verb January 27, 2015 (Doc Coleman)
    Every now and then, a product just falls into your lap and you find that it is a solution to a problem that  you hadn’t realized that you had. This is a skill that some companies, like Apple, tend to do constantly. When done well, it leads to some absolutely amazing products! Today’s review is […] …

About The Nifty Tech Blog

The Nifty Tech Blog is my “Tech for the rest of us” exploration into the many wonderful products that exist on the market today.

Technology is there to make life easier for us, not create new headaches along the way. At the Nifty Tech Blog, we highlight products that make our lives easier. Products that get themselves out of our way and let us move on to do the things we really want to.

Think of it as a “Best of” collection of tech reviews. If it is only so-so, it won’t show up here.

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The Shrinking Man Project

  • Interlude – Still in it. October 14, 2014 Doc Coleman

    Things have been quiet here for the past year. Some of you may think that I’ve given up.

    Not quite.

About The Shrinking Man Project

In 2009 I started a journey to lose weight and get myself back into shape. Over the next year I lost over 100 pounds. Due to the many questions about my “secret” that I received, I created The Shrinking Man Project, a weekly podcast that follows my continuing weight loss journey and examines different philosophies of weight loss and how they can go wrong, so you can identify these things in your life and set them right again.

I’m not a diet or exercise professional. I’m just a guy who is going through the process of losing weight and getting healthy. I examine the findings of many of the “professionals” and give you my views on if they have good, useful info, or if they’re just selling something.

There are many avenues to weight loss, but none of them will give lasting results if you don’t have your head on straight. The Shrinking Man Project’s Philosophy sections are aimed at helping you identify and avoid those pitfalls, and figure out the solution that will let you achieve your goal. While the main goal of the podcast is lasting weight loss, the ideas examined are just as applicable in any kind of lasting change you want to make in your life.

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Swimming Cat

  • Release Day – Part 2! April 28, 2017 Doc Coleman
    As I said in my previous Release Day post, we found a few typos in the paperback version of the book, so we had to delay it a few days. (For those of you who bought the Kindle version and downloaded it right away, be sure to get the updated download to correct those typos.) Anywho… the paperback has …

About Swimming Cat Studios

This is the home to my master podcast feed featuring all of my appearances, my writing, voice work, and just about anything else I feel like sharing.

At Swimming Cat Studios, we do everything the way the cat learned to swim: by just jumping right in.