The Shining Cog and Other Steampunk Tales

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The Shining Cog and Other Steampunk Stories

Six Steampunk Tales by Doc Coleman. 

From the lochs of Scotland to the Old West as it almost was, across Asia and the South Pacific, Doc Coleman brings you six stories of mystery, adventure, and daring. Enjoy these tales from the author of The Perils of Prague!

Unravel the mystery of a Highland loch and determine if it is a blessing or a curse.
Take shore leave with Professor Crackle and Miss Bang and make miraculous discoveries, track down a thief on a flying carpet, fight off a mechanized villain, and more!
Face down a corrupt lawman in the Dueling Circle while the fate of a town hangs in the balance.

Six quick adventures await you in The Shining Cog and Other Steampunk Tales!