The Kindred of Kali, The Adventures of Crackle and Bang, Book 2

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Crackle and Bang travel to India to deliver His Lordship for a visit with his Aunt Phyllis. But when a garden party to honor the local maharaja’s daughter is interrupted by a group of steam powered insurrectionists, they must find a way to recover the kidnapped guest of honor! Oh, and Aunt Phyllis. And Crackle is determined to recover a very special weapon from the kidnappers: a sword that can cut even Professor Crackle’s thick skin. 

Can they find the mysterious and deadly Kindred of Kali? Can they recover the sword? Will it prove to be the key to curing Crackle’s condition? And what role does His Lordship’s brother play in all this? And why in heaven’s name did they kidnap Aunt Phyliss?